Newer, better, awesomer blog!

The time has come to start a new blog. Three years ago, I started a blog after I moved to Denver, and that blog was all about the cool stuff I saw upon moving there. I saw a lot of cool stuff, and to be sure, I could live there the rest of my life and not see it all.

But then life happened. I got busy with work, and it just wasn’t a regular thing anymore. Nowadays, though, I have a new job that involves a lot of travel. And that is what I’m going to share on this blog.

But it won’t be just this.

I believe that the people I meet are the most amazing things I encounter in my travels. Experiencing other cultures is really about sharing the experiences of the people that live those cultures. It is about the people.

Already, in the three months that I’ve been doing this job, I have met some pretty awesome people. It is not even necessarily about networking, as I thought it would be. To be honest, I could not connect with all of these people on a regular basis if I wanted to. According to science — and science is never wrong! — a human can only mentally manage 200 relationships at any given time. Beyond that, we just can’t keep up.

Anyways, although I am super behind (like I said — three months!), I intend to not only catch up, but I intend to post as regularly as I can. I will also be active on social media. In fact, while I might not post often enough here, I have been posting almost every day for the last two weeks over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I have yet to decide if I want to do the Youtube thing as well. Seeing that time is a commodity that is sometimes in short supply, and upon any demand (if there is any), I may consider it.

So stay tuned. My first entry will be along shortly…

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